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Breanna "Bree" Attipoe
Real Estate Investor


Making Your Vision a Reality

I'm Breanna "Bree" Attipoe, a South Carolina native and local SC Home Buyer.  Being a Registered Nurse of South Carolina, helping in the hospital, and in the community is a mission I've been blessed with.  It allows this company to really add a special touch when dealing with unique situations like yours.  Allow us at Fast SC Home Buyers to provide you, the homeowner, with a creative solution to your real estate problems.  Life hits us with challenges and we have to be ready for any drawback coming our way.  Here at Fast SC Home Buyers we provide homeowners that may be facing foreclosure, bankruptcy, delinquent tax liens, or any other issues get rid of burdensome properties.  Let us sit down with you to figure your unique situation and provide a solution together.  We're here to serve the community, and work everyday to make a difference in it.  If you're in a tricky situation with your home and need a way out, we want to talk with you.  Fill out the form below so Fast SC Home Buyers can be your Creative Real Estate Solution.

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